So much Theory! But it's fun!

2010-09-05 23:13:05 by Jelemonde

Hello everyone!

Long time no post! I started my third term in Multimedia (out of 6! Lookin' good!) and I got some very nice class like 2d Animation, Audio and Video Editing, Action Script 3 Class and Interface Design. I really like this college program and I found new stuff that I like.

For now, I have a lot of place to go after College. I need to do a Level Design program after this. But after that, what will I do? I want to either make a Video Game company or a Animation/Web Game company (My friends are at a Computer Programming program or Finance program. Also met someone over at my college that likes EXACTLY the same stuff as I) or musician (See below).

Now for music. I started playing with Ableton Live when I started college. I got rather good but my equipment suck (My laptop is good, a dual core with a crapload of RAM, but my AUDIO equipment is only consisting of the Korg Nanoseries(tm).) and I'm saving up money for an APC40 or even a Jazzmutant Lemur. I know that even if it is not my job, I will continue to do music as a hobby.

Quite a long post! It's 11PM here so I better go to sleep! I got an 2d Animation work and a Interface homework to do for this week! See you all later!

Jelemonde, someone who has WAAAAAY too much to say!

After 1 year... a lot of things changed! (also a picture :D)

2009-11-28 00:17:41 by Jelemonde

I am back! and I got a lot of things to say!

First off I am now at multimedia college! In 3 years, I will be able to fully use most of Adobe's Programs and few more (For 3d and internet).

There is a high chance for my cousin, my college friend and me to make a flash animation (or even a group!). My friend will take all the drawing and animation, my cousin will work on the music and sound and I will work on voice acting and some sound stuff. Don't worry! We got equipment! We are not noobs anymore! Serious stuff like consoles, sound program and pro microphone!

I'll post more later on!


EDIT: I just saw how much I was failing at writing in english... wow... this was 1 year ago! Yes, I still have some flaws... but Its coming very nicely :D.

(Ho and theres something I made in Flash... Im am not the best at drawing stuff AND the character concept was made by my college friend. And the templar say "Damn this king...")

After 1 year... a lot of things changed! (also a picture :D)

I haaaate those chickens!

2009-01-20 14:41:51 by Jelemonde

You know who post something about they search someone as Voice Actor or something else and they don't reply you?

There is also those supposed newgrounds 1337 (Who are sometime half of my age) and say that real life skill are based of rating on NG... Ok... But what happen when someone who already got good REAL LIFE SKILL, who never posted something on Newgrounds want to help something BIG and get refused? And one of those 1337 say you are not skilled enough... HEY! THERE IS SOMETHING OUTSIDE CALLED REAL LIFE WICH IS WAY BETTER THAN NEWGROUNDS SKILL!!!

Anyway... I get the best offer for Voice Actor! And Im pretty good even if I never posted on NG...

(I also hate ppls who shit on me for the post that say the REAL feelings of a lot of other)

Jelemonde is happy!

2009-01-11 18:16:51 by Jelemonde

You just read it! Im happy!
I just sent my segment for the Circle n' Square collab... It last 12 seconds and got a little taste of... randomness! I didin't put any voices since I still have problems with Voices on Flash (Something weird... Hard to explain)

Anyway! Check that when it will be out!

Jelemonde's Report

2009-01-11 16:20:14 by Jelemonde

Hey! Jelemonde's report!

Few days after gettin Flash CS3, I mostly using and have fun with than playing games (I played Newgrounds game! I don't do that normally!). Newgrounds start to transform me (And, seriously, I like this a little bit)!

My first official NG project is going... well... good. I decided to take the Ivea's Polka and make a Video starring a little guy simply called «The Generic Guy» (My Picture). I KNOW that im going to make it look better in other flashes (Maybe even replace this black skin to something like a zombie or Mario... we will see in the future :D). Maybe im going to do also Sprite Movie... but for now, im working on my cute «Generic Guy».

I already got another boost of idea for my second flash... I got 2 idea: either I use a 2 minutes or something music for NG Audio Portal (Don't worry, ill but credits for the chosen one XD). OR I start something called «The Charged Shot Music Video».

I want to talk more about my second idea. First, listen to this ( n/177866). THIS is my basic idea. Then Ill gather few other Flash Artist and each make something in the mood of the Audio part of the music. I KNOW its a Collab, I KNOW some peoples will say «You are not good enough blah blah» (I will ban them since making a Collab dosen't mean 1337 only). You know, making flash is not being good, its for having fun!

Also, my favourite RP forum died ( :( ). So I started another myself. It use my easy and random combat mechanic to make fair and easy battle. It is a Fantastic RP Forum (With Elves and Dwarf) but the only limitation to your character is the classes, the races and your imagination.
There you go! http://genericmedievalrpg.freeforums.o rg/

Thats all for now! See you later!

Hey Everyone!

2009-01-09 23:15:34 by Jelemonde

I know im new to Newgrounds... Just finished to learn the basis of Flash (Got CS3 :D)
Im working on my first REAL flash. Ill maybe not going to post it on Newgrounds because It maybe require A LOT of tweaking... But ill probably post few thing in.

I met some peoples who live in same Country, City! Its fun because I can talk about thing we know and maybe work on a Project together. Anytime!

Bring it on Newgrounds! Im ready to jump in!