Entry #1

Hey Everyone!

2009-01-09 23:15:34 by Jelemonde

I know im new to Newgrounds... Just finished to learn the basis of Flash (Got CS3 :D)
Im working on my first REAL flash. Ill maybe not going to post it on Newgrounds because It maybe require A LOT of tweaking... But ill probably post few thing in.

I met some peoples who live in same Country, City! Its fun because I can talk about thing we know and maybe work on a Project together. Anytime!

Bring it on Newgrounds! Im ready to jump in!


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2009-01-10 00:13:12

Glad you're into the spirit of Newgrounds! It's really an even awesomer place than what you think of it now when you get into more.

(Updated ) Jelemonde responds:

Glad that someone with nearly the same age as me post something on my page! Already one comment! Hope that everyone will like my flashes!

And even if I made my account only few days ago, I already know a lot of thing!