I haaaate those chickens!

2009-01-20 14:41:51 by Jelemonde

You know who post something about they search someone as Voice Actor or something else and they don't reply you?

There is also those supposed newgrounds 1337 (Who are sometime half of my age) and say that real life skill are based of rating on NG... Ok... But what happen when someone who already got good REAL LIFE SKILL, who never posted something on Newgrounds want to help something BIG and get refused? And one of those 1337 say you are not skilled enough... HEY! THERE IS SOMETHING OUTSIDE CALLED REAL LIFE WICH IS WAY BETTER THAN NEWGROUNDS SKILL!!!

Anyway... I get the best offer for Voice Actor! And Im pretty good even if I never posted on NG...

(I also hate ppls who shit on me for the post that say the REAL feelings of a lot of other)


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