Jelemonde is happy!

2009-01-11 18:16:51 by Jelemonde

You just read it! Im happy!
I just sent my segment for the Circle n' Square collab... It last 12 seconds and got a little taste of... randomness! I didin't put any voices since I still have problems with Voices on Flash (Something weird... Hard to explain)

Anyway! Check that when it will be out!


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2009-01-13 15:02:19

Imma in it too....
Well done.

Jelemonde responds:

It gonna be nice^^
I hate ppls who say that you need to have flash already submitted to be in a Collab... It dosen't mean anything!


2009-01-13 16:23:58

Awesome! I sure will! :]

Jelemonde responds:

Thx ^^


2009-01-19 21:57:15

sweet! good for you man! lets hope you solve the sound problem