After 1 year... a lot of things changed! (also a picture :D)

2009-11-28 00:17:41 by Jelemonde

I am back! and I got a lot of things to say!

First off I am now at multimedia college! In 3 years, I will be able to fully use most of Adobe's Programs and few more (For 3d and internet).

There is a high chance for my cousin, my college friend and me to make a flash animation (or even a group!). My friend will take all the drawing and animation, my cousin will work on the music and sound and I will work on voice acting and some sound stuff. Don't worry! We got equipment! We are not noobs anymore! Serious stuff like consoles, sound program and pro microphone!

I'll post more later on!


EDIT: I just saw how much I was failing at writing in english... wow... this was 1 year ago! Yes, I still have some flaws... but Its coming very nicely :D.

(Ho and theres something I made in Flash... Im am not the best at drawing stuff AND the character concept was made by my college friend. And the templar say "Damn this king...")

After 1 year... a lot of things changed! (also a picture :D)


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2009-11-28 02:45:04

congratz! could u make me a character in the story?----Harrison Dunham

Jelemonde responds:

You mean... this one? ( .dunham) doesn't help when you don't give me a face xD


2009-11-28 22:10:37

lol i dont have a face book.... ill send u a pic


2009-11-28 22:11:10

or go to my blog and it will be updated with my pic