Entry #6

So much Theory! But it's fun!

2010-09-05 23:13:05 by Jelemonde

Hello everyone!

Long time no post! I started my third term in Multimedia (out of 6! Lookin' good!) and I got some very nice class like 2d Animation, Audio and Video Editing, Action Script 3 Class and Interface Design. I really like this college program and I found new stuff that I like.

For now, I have a lot of place to go after College. I need to do a Level Design program after this. But after that, what will I do? I want to either make a Video Game company or a Animation/Web Game company (My friends are at a Computer Programming program or Finance program. Also met someone over at my college that likes EXACTLY the same stuff as I) or musician (See below).

Now for music. I started playing with Ableton Live when I started college. I got rather good but my equipment suck (My laptop is good, a dual core with a crapload of RAM, but my AUDIO equipment is only consisting of the Korg Nanoseries(tm).) and I'm saving up money for an APC40 or even a Jazzmutant Lemur. I know that even if it is not my job, I will continue to do music as a hobby.

Quite a long post! It's 11PM here so I better go to sleep! I got an 2d Animation work and a Interface homework to do for this week! See you all later!

Jelemonde, someone who has WAAAAAY too much to say!


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