Jelemonde's Report

2009-01-11 16:20:14 by Jelemonde

Hey! Jelemonde's report!

Few days after gettin Flash CS3, I mostly using and have fun with than playing games (I played Newgrounds game! I don't do that normally!). Newgrounds start to transform me (And, seriously, I like this a little bit)!

My first official NG project is going... well... good. I decided to take the Ivea's Polka and make a Video starring a little guy simply called «The Generic Guy» (My Picture). I KNOW that im going to make it look better in other flashes (Maybe even replace this black skin to something like a zombie or Mario... we will see in the future :D). Maybe im going to do also Sprite Movie... but for now, im working on my cute «Generic Guy».

I already got another boost of idea for my second flash... I got 2 idea: either I use a 2 minutes or something music for NG Audio Portal (Don't worry, ill but credits for the chosen one XD). OR I start something called «The Charged Shot Music Video».

I want to talk more about my second idea. First, listen to this ( n/177866). THIS is my basic idea. Then Ill gather few other Flash Artist and each make something in the mood of the Audio part of the music. I KNOW its a Collab, I KNOW some peoples will say «You are not good enough blah blah» (I will ban them since making a Collab dosen't mean 1337 only). You know, making flash is not being good, its for having fun!

Also, my favourite RP forum died ( :( ). So I started another myself. It use my easy and random combat mechanic to make fair and easy battle. It is a Fantastic RP Forum (With Elves and Dwarf) but the only limitation to your character is the classes, the races and your imagination.
There you go! http://genericmedievalrpg.freeforums.o rg/

Thats all for now! See you later!


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